At xpose we only use the best products to enhance your tan. You can purchase these spray tanning maintenance products at the studio. We Recommended to our customers that they use XPOSE maintenance Products in this easy to follow system.

Apply Norvell  Hydrating Moisturizer every day to maintain your tan. The wrong moisturizer can negatively change the color of your tan. Not moisturizing will lead to a cracking effect. Once you crack you can’t go back- so keep your skin as hydrated as possible.

Cleanse with the Norvell ph Balancing Shower Gel to ensure your skin remains in the optimal ph range required for a long lasting, beautiful tan. Unbalanced ph levels can lead to discoloration of your tan. This product doubles as an excellent shaving gel. Traditional shaving creams and bar soaps will break down your tan, which results in faster fading especially in the areas you shave.

Use the Norvell Exfoliator every 3 days (commencing on day 3 after your tan). Use it just like a body wash, lather in a shower puff and wash lightly. The micro exfoliating crystals will buff away unwanted build up, especially in your flex points, and encourage even cell turnover. Prior to your next XPOSE appointment, use it directly on your skin with a washcloth as an exfoliator. This will prepare your skin, and optimize your sunless tanning results.

To learn more about maintain your tan check out our tanning tips page.